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Rafting the Noce, a wild adventure in Val di Sole!

Rafting the Noce, a wild adventure in Val di Sole! Rick Hofmijster 3 July 2018 17 July 2018

If you find yourself in the mountains, you often are amazed by the rapid rivers that cross the valleys. By foot, it might seem impossible to follow the flow as at many points the rocks make it impossible to pass. But there is a much more attractive way. You can experience the river by rafting! You can be rafting the Noce and it’s a wild, adventurous ride!

It’s a warm day in July and a friend of mine came over to visit. As a guy from the Netherlands, a country as flat as a pancake, the mountains have a lot to offer. Due to the heat, we decided any activity with water would be appreciated. Hanging in a swimming pool? No, that not. We need some adrenaline rush. And so we end up in a rubber boat going down a wild river.

The timing is right

As it’s July, it means it’s mid-summer in Northern Italy. This usually means sunny weather with high temperatures. As the summer season is well underway, the river is relative “quite”. Most of the glacier water in the lower regions of the slopes has melted and with no to little rainfall in the last couple of days, we are in for a relaxing trip. Or so we thought. Rafting the Noce river is still an experience that has enough up its sleeve to kick your ass.

Heavy rainfall in the past days or just rainfall during the rafting experience will probably make the trip even more wild and exciting. At times, it might even get scary in such conditions. For us though, on our adventure day, the trip was just about perfect.

Rafting the Noce can be relativly relaxing too
There are moments to relax and enjoy

Be fearless

While this experience may seem rough and scary, I strongly recommend anyone to give it a try. With professional instructors, protective gear and clear guidelines you feel safe and comfortable. Wearing the wetsuit might feel a little cold and nasty at first, but knowing the water is very, very cold, you will be glad you are wearing it. Besides, it offers protection from the rocks that you might hit when falling out of the boat.

Falling out of the boat may also seem as a scary prospect, but actually, at a quite part of the river, you will be free to jump out of the boat and have a swim. And I strongly recommend doing it.

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Experience rafting the Noce

We recommend the following organization to give you a top-notch rafting experience. Besides rafting, they offer a variety of other outdoor activities.

Rafting Center Val di Sole
: Dimaro, Val di Sole, Trento
Directions: From Bolzano, go south-west and navigate to the SS42. This road will lead you to Dimaro. From Trento, drive north-west on the SP235, followed by the SS43. Once in Dermulo, you continue on the SS42 as well and drive up to Dimaro. Keep following the SS42 while in Dimaro. You will find the rafting center just after leaving the town on your left-hand side.

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