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Panoramic views over Oslo from Grefsenkollen

Panoramic views over Oslo from Grefsenkollen Rick Hofmijster 18 December 2016 19 January 2017

When you find yourself in Oslo in December and you’re lucky to wake up a Sunday morning with sunshine it’s the best chance to go out and get amazing views over the city and Oslo fjord. I decide to go up to Grefsenkollen, a hill on the northwest side of Oslo.

Grefsenkollens highest point is about 377 meter above sea-level and lends itself for a variety of outdoor activities all year round. From hiking to biking and from sleighing to skiing, this hill next to Oslo is usually quite busy due to it’s proximity to Oslo.

To get there is very easy. A bus line takes you straight to the top and other than that, it’s a small hour hike to get from bottom to top. During winter time, if you fancy to try out some skiing or snowboarding, Oslo skisenter offers you this opportunity. Smaller than the Oslo Vinterpark it’s a more local ski center but still offers all services you might expect as equipment rental and lessons.

Whatever you do, after your activity you can visit Grefsenkollen restaurant or the Over Oslo bar. Due note that on this unique location the prices are steep, though this is a general thing in Norway anyway. On a side note, do not expect a lot of service in the Over Oslo bar (or did I hit it at a bad time?)

The panoramic views from Grefsenkollen

While every season, every type of weather and every time of the day changes the spectacular views, without further ado, the views I’ve seen:

The sun colors the misty clouds over Oslo fjord while Oslo city center is visible.
The view towards Oslo city center. The misty clouds cover up Oslo fjord.
Looking west you can get a clear view of Holmenkollbakken.
The cold December month gives the entire city a snowy look.
During this walk, I showed my mother these beautiful panoramic scenes.
Like a true Gandalf the Grey.. (erh, the Orange?) my mom descents to the viewpoint using a found stick to keep her balance.
The weather can change fast here. Clouds in the higher atmosphere cover the sun, giving the scenes a much darker look.
Unique weather causes water to freeze up on everything that holds it, making the Grefsenkollen forest look magical.
And while it may not look like it on this image, Grefsenkollen is full of trails.
The sun peaks trough the clouds and the mist, lightning up Grefsenkollen in a majestic way.
The sky turns orange with the sun hitting the clouds. The mist just above Oslo hides the city and gives it a magical look.
Another view of Holmenkollbakken while misty clouds appear above the trees.
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