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MUSE, nature & science in Trento

MUSE, nature & science in Trento Rick Hofmijster 29 April 2017 8 May 2017

Trento is a gorgeous city and besides visiting the city center and it’s castles we just have to recommend MUSE. This state of the art, modern science museum is not only very informative but especially a lot of fun to visit! From dinosaurs to climate change, a wide variety of topics are covered.

When you gaze on the beauty of the Dolomites it’s not hard to image the wildlife that surrounds you. One can not help but wonder how these impressive mountains formed. And as wonderful as it looks now, it hasn’t always been like this. A long, long time ago even dinosaurs wandered around in this region!

Nature and science combined at Muse

The MUSE museum in Trento offers a great insight in the forming of the region, the extinct and existing wildlife. And all of this is in combination with the latest on science. When you visit MUSE you enter a well organized, modern museum.

The artifacts are well documented and the interactive displays make it a dynamic museum. This makes it a great experience for young and old. The information is written in an easy to understand fashion and is therefore interesting for everyone.

Dinosaur skeleton replicas on the -1 floor.
See living birds in the tropical garden of MUSE.
Strike a pose with a mammal!

Even better, the information displays are not the only way the gather and learn interesting facts. On every floor you meet employees and volunteers of the MUSE museum that will gladly tell you more about the topics. Many of them are actually scientist either working for MUSE or studying at the Trento university.

A 7 floor journey

I recommend you to start at the lowest floor and make your way up trough this 7 floor museum. On level -1 you find exiting information on dinosaurs, DNA and fossils. Reconstructed skeletons of some of the great ones are on display. It’s hard to image having these enormous beast walking around on the planet, but the fossils shown proof they have really existed.

Trough the tropical garden, you make your way to the first floor where you can experience and try exciting science experiments that explain a lot of different concepts of physics. This floor is especially informative and a lot of fun for the younger ones.

On the first floor you learn more about our sustainability and innovation on our planet, the alpine prehistory and a ‘fablab’. In the latter, companies from the region showcase their work. Currently it’s possible to see and try 3D printing. Another very interesting part on this floor are the research laboratories. You can view prehistoric, geological, biological and palaeontological artifacts stored in the hundered drawers of the cabinets here.

MUSE has some huge dinosaur skeleton replicas.
Share your secrets with an owl. He's a tad silent though..
The museum exhibits current and prehistoric animals.

Exploring the region, nature and climate

Moving on to the second floor, we learn loads more on the environment you are currently in; the Dolomites. Learn more about the geology and it’s origin, it’s subsoil resources and the environmental risk and civil protecting of the region. As beautiful as the region is, risks of flooding and other natural disasters are always present yet the resources and beauty however make it a region lots of people want to live.

Getting closer to the top, on the third floor the focus is on the biodiversity and changes of season. Discover all the wonderful creatures and nature all season around. It features many of the wildlife you find in the forest in Trentino and motivates you to go out and explore the region by yourself.

Reaching the last indoor floor, have a look at glaciers, climate, exploration and research. It shows the beauty the of the most majestic natural events but also warns about it’s fragile nature. Lots of glaciers around the world are drastically shrinking, indicating the changes to climate that currently have the world by it’s throat. A floor with beauty combined with a reality check!

A view over Trento and surroundings from the panorama terrace.

Consuming it all at the panoramic terrace

And after all these floors of interesting an informative exhibitions it’s now time to take a breath on the panoramic terrace. With a beautiful view trough the valley and from the city of Trento, it’s an invite to go out in the mountains and enjoy the flora and fauna around. With all the newly learned knowledge and information, you look at it with a different set of eyes.

And if there is one thing to take away from it all, it is to enjoy our planet but be more conscious then ever on our role and the ways we affect and can protect this wonderful world we live in!

How to visit MUSE

The address of MUSE is Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3 in Trento. It’s very close to the city center, just 10 minutes away from Piazza del Duomo. The museum has facilities and is completely accessible for the disabled.

Buy your tickets online or at entry of the museum. At the moment of writing adult tickets are a well worth investment of 10,- EUR per person. For families with children discount rates apply.

Parking can be done in the parking garage below the museum. Do note that the garage usually closes one hour after the museum does. And if it’s closed it is properly closed. Consequently, if your car is still there, it’s safely locked up from anyone accessing it, including you! Yes, I speak out of own experience…

More, up to date, information on ticket pricing and opening hours can be found on the MUSE website.

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