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Mountain bike among shelters and huts of the Pasubio-group

Mountain bike among shelters and huts of the Pasubio-group Rick Hofmijster 1 June 2017 28 June 2017

When you find yourself near lake Garda and are looking for nice places to mountain bike, you know there are enough options. But you also know you won’t be alone. Drive to the Pasubio-group, close to Rovereto and you will find yourself a silent mountain bike paradise!

This ride is not only stunningly beautiful, it also offers you some nicer temperatures. With it’s lowest point at 1092 meter above sea-level you can rest assured that after 6 o’ clock in the evening it cools down to more mountain bike friendly temperatures.

The shelters and huts of the Pasubio-group

Locally, this ride is know under the name ‘Tra le malghe e le baite del Pasubio‘. As the autonomous province Trentino Alto Adige, it of course goes by the German name of ‘Zwichen malgen und hutten der Pasubio-gruppe‘ too.

The name is correct. While you bike from 1092 meter to 1903 meter above sea level trough the Pasubio-group, you pass several shelters and huts. During summer, some of them are open and are very much recommended for a pit-stop on the hotter days. Keep in mind though that usually they are open in weekends and up till around 7 in the evening.

Starting from Giazzera, where there are parking places, you are in for a little bit of a rough start. The first 500 meters it goes up to be followed by 500 meters down. This will get you awake and from there the only way is up. For 13 km you will find yourself battling an average gradient of 8%. The first 6 km this will be easy as it’s taking place on asphalt. After that, you enter rocky mountain roads and the further you go, the bigger the rocks!

Taking a break from climbing

It’s also during this first 14 km you pass by the first 2 mountain huts. After 5 km you pass by Malga Valli and a mere 1.5 km later you find Malga Costoni. Depending on your level of fitness and goal of this ride, you might want to refresh at one of these two huts. If you do, just a few meters further after Malga Costoni you have majestic views over the valley!

After this point, all you will pass are ruins of the 1st world war and mountain shelters of the Pasubio-group. You will have to wait for kilometer 15 of this ride to get to the next hut; Rifugio Alpe Pozza V. Lancia. By that time, you have passed the tricky part of the decent towards Giazzera and find yourself at a 1825 meters above sea-level.

Halfway down to Giazzera

The first few 100 meters of the decent can be considered technical and depending on your level of experience even a bit scary. While the roads are wide, at some points it’s just steep and rocky. The further down you go, the better it gets. The rocks get smaller and more concrete shows up. After 19.5 km the road turns into asphalt again and while you have to be careful at blind corners, you can charge ahead fast from this point.

Arriving in Giazzera, you’ve done about 23 km and a rough 900 meters of climbing. For the trained mountain biker that doesn’t take a lot of time to stop, this ride will most likely be completed under 2 hours. If you are a recreational biker that is out to enjoy the scenery and want to take the time to enjoy and relax at the mountain huts, you can easily fill a half a day with this trip.

Route details

Distance: 23 km
Duration: 2.5 to 4 hrs
Elevation: +/- 900 m
Directions: From Rovereto, follow the SS46 shortly. Then follow the road to Moscheri and Boccaldo. Above the town of Boccaldo find the signs to Giazzera.

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