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Impressive history at Ossario del Pasubio

Impressive history at Ossario del Pasubio Rick Hofmijster 25 April 2017 1 May 2017

At the Pasubio pass, located between the provinces of Vicenza and Trento, the panoramic views are spectacular. It’s looks like a very peaceful place. But history holds a dark story. A closer look reveals remnants of the 1st world war. In honor of those who lost their lives, we visit the Ossario del Pasubio.

When hiking around in this region you will discover many caves. Having a close look during your hike will even let you find artifacts like cans, bottles and even ammunition of the first world war. This is because this area was the front line of the Italian and Austro-Hungarian war. Ossario del Pasubio tells the story and the museum next doors gives a very detailed view on the history.

The Ossario del Pasubio

The Ossario del Pasubio, translated in English as the Pasubio Monastery, has it’s origins in 1917.  The idea was to build a chapel. A monument dedicated to the fallen in the First World War.

Construction started in 1920 at an altitude of 1217 meters. The position was chosen because of it’s beautiful views over the valley and because it allows you to see the shape of the monastery from across the Vicenza plain.

Remains of 70 decorated soldiers are kept in the center crypt.
Frescoes decorate the walls of the tower.
Bones are visible in the gallery, a chilling sight.
The gallery stores the bones of the fallen.

Construction was hard due to the cold, hostile winters and collection of funds. On August 29, 1926 the monastery was inaugurated. It consist out of two parts. The ossuary and the chapel. You find the ossuary in the tower stand and it includes a central crypt and two concentric galleries. In the central crypt the remains of 70 decorated soldiers are kept while in the galleries the remains of another 5146 Italian and 40 Austro-Hungarians are stored. The bones of the fallen are visible which gives it a chilling touch.

The chapel can be reached by entering the tower on the south. Using stairs to the top, you’ll find the small chapel. The inside of the tower is decorated with beautiful frescoes and artistic stained glass.

The 1st army museum

The museo 1a armata completes the story that the monastery is trying to tell. In this museum you will find exhibitions explaining the war itself. It’s a modern museum giving a neutral insight with various levels of perception. It displays memorabilia, images, 3D reconstructions and multimedia outlets.

Events at Ossario del Pasubio

Every year on the last Sunday of June there is a celebration in memory of the fallen. This is also in memory of the anniversary of the bloodiest battle fought on the nearby massive on July the second, 1916.

The monastery of Pasubio.

Combining your visit with the outdoors

The monastery and museum are very interesting to visit but truly stand out by the fact it’s can easily be combined with a wonderful hike. You can plan in a visit during the hike. At the Ossario del Pasubio you find a little bar for refreshments.

Personally I’d recommend to park at Pian de Fugazze and hike around Monte Cornetto. There are several signed post paths either taking you around or even to the top of Monte Cornetto. Note that this hike will take you a couple of hours and making your way up to the top requires fitness.

If you want to skip the hike, take a nice 2 km walk. Walk the road from Pian de Fugazze to the Ossario del Pasubio and be surprised by the views at arrival!

Cannons watch over the valley

How to get there

You can reach the Ossario de Pasubio using the SS46 from both Rovereto and Schio. This drive itself gives you very nice views over the valley and mountains. From Pian Delle Fugazze, the top of the pass, it’s a small 2 km to Ossiario del Pasubio.

More information on the tower, museum and events can be found on the Ossario del Pasubio website(Italian only)

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