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Guest blogging

Make use of our beautiful online presentation, quality content and effective social media strategy by writing a guest post. It gives you the opportunity to promote your business or idea’s in a very discrete manner and generate traffic to your site.

What is guest blogging

Guest blogging is a method to increase traffic to your blog, site or business. The idea is that you write content that’s relevant and interesting for the visitors of Live & Explore.

In exchange, you can add links to your own blog or site. This is a proven opportunity to promote your own business and expand your online presence!

Write a guest post for Live & Explore

If you think you could benefit from a guest post on Live & Explore, before starting to write, please contact using the form on this page to pitch your idea! We will contact you and will work out your pitch together so the outcome of the post will be of high quality and interesting for our visitors.

Obviously, this means that you as a writer need to have a good understanding of the topic you are writing about, your English is good and the topic matches with one of our categories available on the site. Once created and finished up, the post will be publicised and promoted.

Quality matters

We cannot stress this enough! We require “hand crafted” and unique content. We won’t accept post that already exists on other website even when minor modifications are made. The post should benefit the reader in first place. If it does, it adds great value and will lead to high quality traffic to your website.

Pitch your guest-post!

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