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With a beautiful online presentation, quality content and effective social media strategy, Live & Explore offers a constructive platform for promotion. The perfect opportunity to promote your product or service!

What is endorsement

If you found this page, you probably already know what it’s about. An endorsement is a way to promote your product or service. The most common form is where you let us try and experience your product or service and in return, we craft a beautiful article about it.

Key to endorsement is that it’s interesting for the visitors of Live & Explore. It’s definitely not is blunt advertising. We craft a story around your product or service and in an elegant and non-obtrusive way promote it. This will ensure you receive quality leads from us.

The advantages of endorsement

Endorsements on Live & Explore are of high quality. Our endorsement articles will enhance brand awareness and add a fresh perspective of your product and service. Besides crafting awesome content, our social media strategy will promote the article over a long period of time. All in all, this will return in high-quality leads.

Request an endorsement

Use the form on the left to give us a ‘shout’. Based upon your input we will contact you to go over the details of the endorsement. Note that we carefully consider endorsement request to assure a perfect balance between interest for our readers and high-quality leads and brand awareness for your product or service. So before you reach out, make sure your product or service ticks off the following boxes. It ensures your product or service is interesting for our readers.

Your product or service

  • Has a connection to traveling in and exploring and adventurous manner.
  • Fits into at least one of our categories in Action & Adventure or Leisure
  • Has no religious or political motivations
  • Is accessible to our target audience

If you are uncertain your product or service is a match then by all means, please contact us and let’s have a look at how we can cooperate!

Let’s work together!

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