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We, the people behind Live & Explore, love the places we visit! The panoramic views, the lakes, the beautiful towns and not to forget, the food. All of it makes planet Earth an absolute enjoyment to be. And we like to share that with you!

We welcome you to our website on which we will share the best-kept secrets of our planet. While our website offers rich content to explore, we really mean it when we say we like to invite you. With clear references, you will be able to follow us in our footsteps.

Don’t have the resources to visit? Don’t worry. Enjoy our rich content on all that makes this planet such a wonderful place. Try out local recipes and surprise your loved ones and get inspired to explore the beauty of your own local region. Creating memories, that’s what life is about.


Rick Hofmijster

Rick Hofmijster
author & owner

Rick Hofmijster

Born in the Netherlands, at the age of 29, I became a modern nomad. I traveled around Europe to discover new places and try out new sports and activities. It didn’t stop there. 2 years later, I relocated to Dubai in the Middle East, right in between Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Combining sports and lifestyle I make my dream come true. Join me on an adventure, explore the regions and experience the stunning beauty of our little round rock in the Universe.

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Guest authors

Polina Gerelchuk

Polina Gerelchuk
guest author

Polina Gerelchuk

My name is Polina, I’m 26. Originally from Russia, started to travel the world at the age of 22, when was bitten by the travel bug, and since that time couldn’t stop any more.

Currently live in Belgium learning Dutch and discovering both famous and secret spots of fascinating Europe. Mission: never stop travel and explore!

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