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If you find yourself in the mountains, you often be amazed by the rapid rivers that cross the valleys. By foot it might seem impossible to follow the flow as

When you find yourself near lake Garda and are looking for nice places to mountain bike, you know there are enough options. But you also know you won't be alone.

Surrounded by mountains, I'm in a hunt for panoramic views. With peaks well over 2000 meters above sea level this shouldn't be too hard. But what if there's more than


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Screaming engines and burned rubber, if you like motor-sports, you most likely love formula 1. And while you get most information out of a race by watching it on television,

One who has visited lake Garda knows it's an absolute beautiful place. The blue water of the lake, the surrounding mountains and it's authentic villages all around make it a

Trento is a gorgeous city and besides visiting the city center and it's castles we just have to recommend MUSE. This state of the art, modern science museum is not